24-7 Prayer Western States

24-7 Prayer exists in the Western States to see the renewal of churches and the transformation of cities through united day and night prayer that leads to mission and justice.

This is accomplished by establishing leadership teams who help build unity among faith leaders, set rhythms of prayer for a city or region, and resource/equip churches and individuals in prayer, mission, and justice.

We believe Church Renewal will come through cultivating a culture of prayer and a concern for the poor in local congregations; and that City Transformation will come through day and night city wide prayer and worship that leads to strategic unified action.

As we develop leaders in the Western Region, our root system is to ensure those we interact with walk away feeling seen, heard, known, and loved.  In this way each person will be able to walk more fully into the call of God on their own lives.

Rhythms of Prayer: Resourcing, Equipping, & Teaching

We help local churches establish a culture of prayer within their own congregations, encouraging rhythms of prayer for individuals, families, and communities.

Our teams also help establish city-wide rhythms of prayer, bringing the body of Christ together to intercede on behalf of the region.

Prayer rooms are a mark of the 24-7 Prayer movement, helping people engage in prayer through creative prayer stations and by creating an atmosphere that holds the presence of God.  These rooms can be found in churches, hospitals, schools, prisons and public spaces. 

Our teams help build and host these rooms in various places across their cities. 

Regional leaders are available to teach, lead spiritual retreats and workshops online or in person.

Networking, Peacemaking, & Reconciliation

We believe that City Transformation will result in the flourishing of all people.  To that end, our city teams are committed to building relationships that result in unity among churches, listening and learning from those who have differing views, and loving our neighbors authentically.  

Houses of Hospitality & Prayer

Throughout the region, homes are being established as communities of hospitality and prayer.  They are a place for like-minded individuals to live together around a common rule of life and a place of welcome for all to gather around the practices of hospitality, prayer, worship, and art.  

Prayer as Mission

Our understanding of mission is to first step into the place where we can hear God and let our hearts be broken for the things that break His.  We want to learn to listen well to the leading of His Spirit, watch for what He is already doing in the earth, and find the places where we can naturally join Him in that work. 

Short term trips are often taken with a focus of supporting local leaders through prayer, encouragement, and advocacy.  Our teams participate in local led initiatives, help lead worship and prayer, build prayer rooms, teach, and engage in the creative arts.

Western States Regional Leaders

Dominick Ju leads a community in Phoenix AZ focused on worship and prayer.  He has served in various roles as a pastor working with youth and young adults.

Holly Butler serves on the staff of Redemption Church in Phoenix AZ with a focus on Spiritual Formation. She is a Spiritual Director and teaches about the Holy Spirit at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena.  

Jack Kehoe is an entrepreneur currently running a real estate marketing company.  In 2021, he founded the Garden Home Community House and The Table, a gathering for young adults focused on prayer, mission, and justice in Portland OR.  Recently, Jack has moved to San Diego, CA where he will continue catalyzing and building prayer focused communities.

Jeremiah Nealon has a heart for families and raising up the next generation of Christ-followers through holistic ministry.  He is currently the children’s and families pastor at Cedar Mill Bible Church in Beaverton, OR.

Kerri Weiland walks in a healthy model of the prophetic, is a dynamic teacher, and helps lead several intercessory teams in the city of Portland and beyond.  She carries a heart for families and generations to walk with the Father in their true identity as sons and daughters.  Kerri also serves on the leadership team of PrayerPDX

Lisa Saunders is the Founder/Executive Director of FaithBridge, an organization providing faith-centered trauma healing and recovery to women, especially Black women and women of color.  She is the President of the Ecclesia Group, imagining marketplace initiatives that meet at the intersection of market and faith.  Lisa is also a teaching pastor at Emmanuel Church in Portland and serves on the leadership team of PrayerPDX.

Michelle Jones is a teaching pastor at Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR, where she also oversees Prayer, Spiritual Formation, and Global Outreach.  She is convinced that her background in entertainment—specifically as an award-winning comedy writer—uniquely prepared her for ministry.  God is, after all, the original and ultimate storyteller, and mankind’s attempts to play God are, at best, comical.  Michelle also serves on the leadership team of PrayerPDX.

Peter and Kelsey Kim spent their 20s in the Portland House of Prayer. They have recently relocated to Hawaii where they are building a new network to see prayer rooms established on the island of Oahu.

Poppy Williams is an author, missionary, and passionate intercessor.  She is co-leading the Leadership Pathway and also serves in various roles in the Order of the Mustard Seed. You may recognize Poppy from the Prayer Course Videos as she is the one interviewing Pete Greig! Currently Poppy is living between Las Vegas, NV and Ibiza, Spain.

Quantrell Bryant is the Worship Director and Young Adults Pastor at Calvary Chapel in Hillsboro OR.  He also serves on the leadership team of PrayerPDX.

Raymond De Silva serves as the Civil Righteousness State Representative; leads InCity Worship, a ministry focused on bringing racial reconciliation and healing through relationship, prayer, and worship; and is on the leadership team of PrayerPDX.  Raymond earns a living working in city government positions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Renee Boucher serves on the 24-7 Prayer USA National Leadership Team, leads the Western States Region, and facilitates PrayerPDX in Portland Oregon.  She has led prayer movements throughout the NW for over 30 years and has consulted with ministries around the globe.  Her passion for prayer and mission were forged on the streets of Portland where she ran a ministry for homeless youth.

Saji and Bindu Oommen are seasoned missionaries, having carried a focus of peacemaking, reconciliation, prayer, and business as mission in many nations.  Saji is currently the Executive Director of Kidstown International, an organization that works with orphans and vulnerable children in India, Nepal, and Romania. Together Saji and Bindu host a house church in their home in Northern Washington.

Scotty Burns is the senior pastor at Arise Church in Hillsboro, Oregon where he has been leading a growing church hoping to have great impact on the community around them. He is an adjunct professor, and also leads a nonprofit organization which provides financial support and ministry training for partners in India. He is co-leading our Leadership Pathway and serves in various roles for the Order of the Mustard Seed, as well as on the leadership team of PrayerPDX.

Sharon Hamill is on staff at Central Community Church in Seattle WA serving as the Prayer Coordinator.  She is building a network across Seattle to see day and night prayer established as a city-wide ministry.

Thay Freitas is a teaching pastor at ExpChurch in San Francisco and leads Pray the Bay, a ministry focused on planting prayer across the San Francisco Bay area in homes, workplaces, schools, and churches 

Regional Prayer Team City Roles

City Representatives: Share resources and help build prayer rooms

City Network Leaders: Work towards unity among many stakeholders and together set city-wide rhythms of prayer

City Institutions Leaders: Focus on University and College Campuses; Prayer spaces in Schools; Prayer in Prisons, Hospitals, the workplace, social and government facilities

Church Partnership Leaders: Help local churches cultivate a culture of prayer; and provide equipping and training; coaching and mentoring

Third Space House of Prayer Leaders: A physical space in a geographic location other than the local church that can become a platform of unity, a resource and equipping center, a healing and evangelistic center, and host day and night prayer for the city/region