Lisa Koons

National Prayer Director

Lisa Koons is the interim National Prayer Director. She started journeying with 24-7 Prayer in 2005 when she opened the movement’s 1st permanent prayer room still going strong today in Charlotte, N.C., where she launched multiple interdenominational 24-7 mission & justice initiatives, & still leads the city-wide prayer network. Lisa remains deeply involved in helping multiply 24-7 public prayer spaces all across the nation & is also currently overseeing our national Diversity & Racial Reconciliation arenas.  Now living in Tulsa, OK with her husband & son, Lisa has her own Spiritual Direction practice serving Pastors & leaders around the world, & has started dreaming into the local launch of an urban-monastic prayer, mission & justice hub, with a 24-7 prayer space at its center.  She refers to herself as a wildly introverted film buff & foodie, passionate about serving the saints of God & the souls on society’s margins. 

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