Public Prayer Spaces

Pop-Up Prayer Spaces

Whether in a building, tent, or mobile space, Pop-Ups bring prayer to where people hang out. Using compelling visuals, relevant prayer themes & creativity, these mission-minded public prayer spaces encourage people to encounter God in unexpected places & experience prayer in new & engaging ways. These Pop-Ups are called Hope Spaces.


Permanent Prayer Spaces

For the super-spiritual, the seeker, & the spiritually curious alike, these easily accessible, wildly interactive prayer spaces help people at all different places on their spiritual journey interact with God in meaningful ways. Usually open to the general public anywhere from 7-24 hours a day most days a week, they are spaces filled with art, music & themed prayer stations that use everyday language & liturgy in ways that inspire people to talk with God about what’s important to them & their world.

The Vision Is Jesus

A fueling station for the spiritually thirsty & a resource for local churches, Permanent Public Prayer Spaces consistently spin out stories of heart transformations, salvations, & encounters with God. Even those who consider themselves bad at prayer rediscover prayer in fresh new ways in these Christ-centered venues.  Along with serving as a dedicated place for people to get some one-on-one with God, many of these spaces can also host groups of all kinds, & facilitate diverse types of prayer gatherings. 

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