Prayer Rooms

Join together and seek God’s face:

Right now, tens of thousands of people are currently encountering Jesus in 24-7 Prayer Rooms all around the world. Prayer Rooms and Public Prayer Spaces take place in all sorts of settings.

24-7 Prayer Rooms

Any space can be turned into a 24-7 Prayer Room – a place for your community to join together to seek God’s face and to pray every hour for a set period of time. 24-7 Prayer Rooms are temporarily set up with prayer stations to help people learn to pray by praying. We offer support and resources that will equip you to run a prayer room where you are. Start by registering your prayer room for specific downloadable resources that will help from start to finish.

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Public Prayer Spaces

Public Prayer Spaces are 24-7-style prayer rooms for city-wide use that are permanent rather than temporary. They are larger spaces where individuals and groups can engage in Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer. If you are interested in creating a Public Prayer Space, click below to learn more about how we can help.

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