Race & Grace Mondays

Uniting to pray for racial righteousness

Race & Grace is an initiative to help the body of Christ stand unified in prayer for the eradication of racism in America by collectively filling Mondays with prayer for racial equity, healing, reconciliation, & restorative action in arenas & lives where discrimination has devalued the dignity of people of color.

Register at the bottom of this page to participate at any time over the course of these 50 Mondays. You will get access to our prayer themes & resources page, & receive a monthly email to keep you connected to the movement & help you stay fueled and inspired in united prayer for justice and righteousness.

50 Mondays

From Black History Month in 2021 to MLK Day in 2022, we’ll lay claim to 50 consecutive Mondays as the national day to pray for righteousness & justice on the racial front. Let’s fill it with hundreds of thousands of commitments from the body of Christ across all faith traditions – signifying the Church’s stand to unite & pray for the issues & the end of discrimination toward people of color in America. 

Prayer as activism

This single-focused prayer campaign serves as an altar & marker of solidarity with all those impacted by racism in the US. It’s an act of sacred protest against prejudice in all its forms as we unite & invite God to bring transformation in ways only He can, & invite Jesus to use us as His body to become answers to those prayers as peacemakers & advocates for equality in all our spaces of influence.


Anyone. Commit to pray as a church, as a network or organization, as a small group, with family & friends, or as an individual. Gather online or in-person using Covid-safety practices.


You decide the best rhythm. Tailor the length of your prayer time & which Mondays each month you can commit to pray. All? Just one? Bi-weekly? Monthly? 


We’ll provide focused topics & essential info on each theme so you can pray in informed ways, along with bullet points to help you cover specific aspects of each topic. A section just for kids is also included. New themes & resources will be added monthly.


Utilize our resources on how to lead a prayer gathering, or lead prayer times in your own way, & according to your own faith traditions. Send a virtual invitation link to just your group or go public & we’ll join you in inviting others to your Monday prayer gatherings. Join us online every 4th Monday to pray as one body by visiting the link below. Click a block below to explore our easy to engage PDF’s.

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