Diversity Manifesto

This manifesto was created to help catalyze a culture of diversity & inclusion within 24-7 Prayer, & is intended to serve as a guide for all leaders, teams, & communities within the 24-7 Prayer movement in the US.

24-7 Prayer is wholeheartedly committed to being an ethnically & culturally diverse movement. We believe that the influence & input of voices from a wide spectrum strengthens us as a whole, better positions us to revive the church & rewire the culture, & better enables us to inspire, resource & mobilize prayer, mission & justice.   

We position ourselves as apprentices in the field of racial diversity & commit to the ongoing process of bringing needed change to our movement as we run after more of God’s heart & wisdom in this arena. 

We will continue to elevate the voices of people of color in helping shape 24-7 initiatives, gatherings, resources & projects to ensure that what we offer as a movement reaches, speaks to, & serves a broad spectrum of people groups.  

24-7 Prayer will work to ensure that the perspectives of people of color are involved in leadership decisions, & we will intentionally pursue ethnic diversity in the formation of our leadership, teams, communities, cohorts, & collaborations. 

We will celebrate & integrate the unique expressions of prayer, worship, & creativity from a diversity of races & cultures. 

With an aim to fully represent the inclusiveness of God’s kingdom & of the 24-7 Prayer movement, we commit to display ethnic diversity on all our websites & social media platforms. 

We commit to seeking out the theological works of people of color & consistently include them in our personal studies, recommended readings, & the resources used to shape those we are called to lead with, serve with, & equip.   

We commit to becoming more aware of our inherited biases, repenting of beliefs & practices that unintentionally reinforce racism; & to learning practices that help us de-colonize in structure, theology, language, mission, & justice.

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