Minneapolis Missions


While driving five hours from Wisconsin to Minneapolis I was thinking afar about the murder of George Floyd, my thoughts & feelings were not clear on how to feel or respond to this nation wide epidemic.   As soon as my feet hit the pavement of the actual grounds of the murder, as close as ten feet away from where the breath of life left a black man there was a traumatic affect on my consciousness, my history and my future.   I was challenged by my thoughts, my feeling and my physical body, I began to feel nauseous.

The mission trip took me back to when I was a little boy living two blocks south of Glendale Wisconsin.  My mom as a single parent decided to move to this new government housing area close to Glendale, which was majority white middle class.  Being financially challenged as a little boy I had two paper routes and I can remember saving money to go fishing in Glendale.  On my journey to the Milwaukee River, which was about a mile away from where I lived, I encountered the Glendale police who asked me “hey were you going?” I told him “Im going fishing” & he told me “you can not be on this side, make sure you go back & we don’t want to see you over this side of the Milwaukee-Glendale border.”  They made it clear verbal, mentally and physically in my mind as a 12 year old boy, the limitations/border I was never to cross.  They actually took me back to my house, growing up from a little boy into my teenagers years I have many disputes with the Glendale Police Department & Milwaukee Police Department.

That borderline encounter or experience establish something in me mentally physically & spiritually, now today I can see more of the spiritual impact.  Spiritually I revisited the limitations of hope, of only being able to go so far.  My first cry about the George Floyd killing was praying a prayer that I never prayed, a prayer with belief to be heard and answer by God A.  In tears, for the first time I prayed asking God to heal our land of racism, heal the land of police brutality and heal me, remove the borders.  As I prayed I realize for decades I have allowed these limitations of hope, that I can only go so far, because of my race.  

As a Christian, as a Christian black male I allowed limits on my life, dreams & destiny, even after seeing God heal me from a coma, seeing & experiencing many miracles, preaching to thousands of people seeing the lost saved,  traveling on many missions trips, planting two inner-city ministry/churches & graduated with a masters degree I still needed the limitations/borders to be removed from the seeds & upbringing of racism.  Since returning home I have revisited the new grounds of prayer & hope, a new found hope to be free & our land to be free from racism & evil injustices.

Darnell & Donna Robinson
24-7 Prayer Milwaukee City Coordinators

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