Lectio 365 Night Prayers


INTRODUCING: Lectio 365 Night Prayers

Lectio 365 is the daily devotional app from 24-7 Prayer which helps you to pray the Bible every day. But now, you can now pray the Bible every night, too! 

Lectio 365 Night Prayers are daily meditations to help you reflect on your day, pray the Bible and prepare to sleep. 

Pause and be still at the end of each day, noticing where God has been present, and inviting His peace as you prepare to sleep. 

Pause to process the day with contemplative contentthat follows a simple rhythm towards rest: 


…on the day that has passed, relinquishing stress and control


…in God’s goodness, noticing his presence throughout the day 


… of my sins, receiving forgiveness for what has gone wrong 


in readiness for sleep

Each section is rooted in scripture, enabling you to recentre and refocus on the power and presence of God’s word every evening.

Lectio 365 Night Prayers, like morning prayers, are available to read or to listen to, and have been recorded by 24-7 Prayer’s Pete Greig and Hannah Heather. 

The content has been written to complement the Lectio 365 morning daily devotional content which will continue to help you P.R.A.Y the Bible every day. 

Download the Lectio 365 app for free: 

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