Foundation of Prayer, Gospel, and Mission


Brandon Long, City Coordinator – Cincinnati, shares a 24-hour prayer time from May.

Redemption Hill Community Church is a new church community, in Newport, KY serving the greater Cincinnati region. Established on a foundation of gospel, prayer, and mission, joining the 24-7 tribe was an aligned decision for the church to be a part of a community that lived out the value of prayer. 

The Redemption Hill community started meeting in the Fall of 2020. Easter Sunday, April 6 of 2021, the church launched weekly gatherings. There was a desire to start off firmly rooted in the 3 values and ministry expressions connected to each value. And to commit to a rhythm of prayer from the beginning, starting with a monthly expression of prayer. 

For May, Brandon and the leadership team decided to rally the community to prayer around Pentecost weekend. Brandon led up to Pentecost teaching around Acts 1-2 and introducing a time of 24 hours of non-stop prayer from Saturday to Sunday. 

This was a time that had been set up by the Lord from the community’s beginnings. The church is housed in a campus building at the University of Northern Kentucky. In September 2019, the Brandon and leadership team took a tour of the building and saw a prayer room where the students gather to pray, and right in the middle of the room was the 24-7 Prayer Manual. It was then a sign to Brandon that the Lord had prepared a place for the community to pray.

For the Pentecost 24-hour weekend, the prayer room was set up with a keyboard, art supplies, bibles, several benches and rocking chairs. To prompt prayer, a large map of the U.S. and a list of all the different languages that didn’t have Scripture in their language were in the room, as well as prayer guides from the 24-7 prayer toolshed. One wall of the room was designated for prayer requests, which was covered with handwriting and notes by the end of the weekend. There were activities and prayer prompts for kids. 

Brandon recalls wondering if enough people would sign up for the hourly slots. The first day sign-ups were open, all of Saturday nights’ sessions were taken. Within a few days, all 24 slots were claimed, from individuals and groups ranging from children to 50+ years old. It was a great encouragement to the community to come together and declare that these expressions were a part of who they are as a church. 

Hour by hour, they came and prayed, couples, individuals, groups. There were testimonies of individuals who immediately felt the presence of the Spirit and the hour quickly fly by. People went in the room with heavy hearts and received peace and guidance on major decisions. 

Going forward, there will be monthly expressions to model different ways to pray with the community. In June, prayer walks around different parts of the city. July/August, watches/nights of prayer. 

For others considering leading a time of prayer in their community, Brandon says “Go for it! It’s so beautiful to see God give people the grace and the excitement to pray. It’s worth doing all the labor, physical labor and spiritual labor of teaching and modeling prayer. To have people directly connect to God and to set aside time to do that. That’s the heart of ministry, to worship Jesus.” 

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