Citywide Prayer in Madison during Holy Week


In Madison, Wisconsin, the proud capital of the Forward State (or Dairy State, if you like that nickname better!), there are plans afoot for city-wide prayer to take place among many churches and ministries this year during Holy Week, leading up to Easter. Wendy Porterfield, who has a long history with both the city of Madison and the 24-7 Prayer movement, including living as a 24-7 missionary in Hong Kong for several years, has found herself back in Madison, raising a family with her husband, Tad, and working part-time with a local grassroots organization seeking to foster unity and prayer among the churches in Madison. 

Collaboration Project is an organization that started about three years ago, after Jon and Mary Anderson, who had pastored youth and done community outreach with two different churches over the former few decades, sensed the Lord leading them into a season of stepping out to serve a significant need they saw in Madison—namely, a greater sense of unity in the churches in the city. They wanted to see stronger relationships among the churches as well as a greater missional impact in the city together, so they identified four ways that they could practically help make that a reality. Those four areas are sharing stories that celebrate and accelerate Kingdom work and the Gospel, hosting affinity groups to bring churches together practically around shared areas of common ground, caring for pastors through pastor retreats, and hosting collaborative events.

This week of citywide prayer is one of those events that a collaboration of churches will host together. There are plans for three different prayer rooms to be hosted in different areas of the city, with day and night prayer happening simultaneously. 

There have been some significant united 24-7 prayer seasons in Madison over the last two decades, one of which happened in 2005 for 40 days on the campus of UW-Madison, and was a major catalyst in the lives of many people throughout the city. 

Let’s pray with Wendy, Jon, and the churches in Madison, Wisconsin this Holy Week for Jesus’ Kingdom to come throughout the neighborhoods and people of the city.

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