Church Mission Partners


Church Mission Partners are communities who enable us to inspire, equip, and mobilize people to an awakened prayer life through financial partnership.

We believe 24-7 Prayer USA will only go as far as the local churches that partner with us in building this prayer movement. We are looking for churches to serve as outposts of prayer all across the country as well as churches that feel called to resource this work.

Church Mission Partners are local churches that resonate with our vision and want to partner with us by making a monthly or annual contribution from their missions budgets. They receive a monthly email, invites to leaders’ gatherings and comped tickets to National Gatherings, as well as first access to new resources we produce.

Help others experience the inner spiritual vibrancy that comes through intimacy with God, leading to outward missional living expressed in compassion, evangelism, and justice.

How to become a Church Mission Partner

We would love the opportunity to build relationship with your church and provide whatever you need to consider partnering with us to build this prayer movement. Your financial support – no matter how big or small – helps us to continue doing what we do.

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