A 24-7 Catalyst is an individual who makes a commitment to supporting the mission of 24-7 Prayer USA in an ongoing way.

24-7 Catalysts will receive a monthly email with the latest stories and prayer requests from across the movement. They will be the partners to whom we send regular support and guidance about how to champion 24-7 Prayer where they are.

Engagement over the last year in the US is the highest we have experienced in the 20+ years of 24-7 Prayer in this nation:

192,528 people completed the Prayer Course

145,440 people participated in the Be Still Course

67,110 people used the Lectio 365 app for an average of 59min per month

165,132 YouVersion devotional completions

Help us unite the American church around common prayer rhythms in the coming year. Your support is crucial to our goal of seeing 1,000 active Prayer Rooms during our two seasonal prayer rhythms in 2023.