New Book: ‘Be Still’ A Simple Guide to Quiet Times


We are so excited to welcome this brand new resource to grow and develop your daily quiet time, launching October 2021

Be Still: A Simple Guide to Quiet Times

A practical, easy-to-read guide exploring the rhythms of Christian prayer and devotion, enabling you to build prayer practices into your everyday life.

Release date: October 21 2021  

Written by 24-7 Prayer’s International Prayer Director Brian HeasleyBe Still: A Simple Guide to Quiet Times will help you to develop a regular daily time with God. With teaching, stories and reflective questions, this book is the ultimate guide to developing your own quiet time. 

We love his heart for inspiring others to pray. So, we asked Brian a few questions about the story behind Be Still, and also more info about our small group series that’s launching later this month… 

What was the inspiration behind your new book, Be Still: A Simple Guide to Quiet Times? 

The inspiration is my desire to communicate a valuable discipline in a way that helps a generation to pray and grow in their devotional lives. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and thought to myself, “What would I want my adult sons to know if I was to give them some advice as to how to sustain their faith?”

During the Coronavirus Pandemic I felt the challenge of not being able to meet in larger gatherings, and started asking, “how do we sustain our faith when we can’t just be fed by a church meeting each week?” I absolutely love church meetings and believe they are essential, but I also know that we need more, and a quiet time is part of this.

What was your process for writing? Who were you thinking of when you put it together?  

My writing process really began by looking back over the last 5 years of my journal writing, and the things I had been teaching on whilst out and about. I looked at what people seemed to respond to; and also I did some short videos on Instagram which people seemed to love. 

I then tried to put it into some form of coherent process; then Tracy, my wife, gave me so much help in actually making it coherent! I think this book works well for any Christian: you can use it if you are new to Christian faith and also use it as a refresher if you have been journeying a long time with Jesus and the daily quiet time.

How do the book and the new small group resource, The Be Still Series tie into one another?

The Be Still series will help any small group or church who are serious in growing in this discipline of quiet times. There are five sessions which are based on five chapters of the book. Although the Series does stand alone, alongside the book, you’ll get to explore even more themes and go deeper outside of the sessions. 

What’s your hope for the book and the series?

My hope is that this book will ignite people’s quiet times; that they will be drawn into regular encounter with Jesus and that as this happens, they will become more effective in outworking their faith in everyday life. My dream is that this book will strengthen people to live missionally and reflect Christ to a world that so desperately needs Him. 

You can buy Brian’s new book online with the links below or from all good bookshops. The Be Still series will launch at the end of this month at 

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