24-7 Catalyst


24-7 Prayer Catalysts are regular givers who enable us to inspire, equip, and mobilize people to an awakened prayer life.

A 24-7 Catalyst is an individual who makes a commitment to partner with us by sowing into the work of 24-7 Prayer USA in an ongoing way. They are people who sign up for a monthly recurring donation of any amount.

As a 24-7 Catalyst, you will be helping to spark a national prayer movement. You will receive a monthly email with the latest stories and prayer requests from around the country. We will also send you regular support and guidance about how to champion 24-7 Prayer where you are.

Help others to experience the inner spiritual vibrancy that comes through intimacy with God, leading to outward missional living expressed in compassion, evangelism, and justice.

How to become a 24-7 Catalyst

Simply start giving monthly through our giving portal, and you’ll become a 24-7 Prayer Catalyst! We’ll send you an email to confirm the start of your monthly giving.

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